Instructions for Safe Disposal of Fire Debris

Heavy Equipment Mechanic – Latah County, ID
August 11, 2023

Victims of the Oregon Rd and Gray wildfires are encouraged to use their insurance claim process and use a certified waste contractor to clean up their property.  Certified contractors are trained to handle potential health hazards of cleaning up dangerous chemicals, asbestos, and ash waste.

Please review the link below for important information regarding safe disposal of fire debris at the area county transfer stations.

Fire Damage Debris Disposal

This link provides important information from the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency regarding the hazards of asbestos in fire damaged structures.

Spokane Clean Air

This link provides specific instructions on how to properly handle wildfire debris so that it will be accepted for disposal at the Waste Management Graham Rd Landfill.  You MUST follow these instructions otherwise any load brought there will be rejected.

WM_Asbestos info packet_Graham Rd LF