We service the Spokane and Spokane Valley area.

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  • We only deliver to Washington and Idaho.

It's All About Service!

We understand the Portable Restroom business is a service industry: Consistent superior Service is our most important product.

Weekly Portable Restroom Cleaning Process

We follow an exclusive 10-point system to fully clean and sanitize your portable restroom(s).
  • Restroom is placed in a convenient accessible location on level ground.
  • Holding tank is evacuated and interior debris removed.
  • Holding tank is refilled with earth-friendly deodorizer.
  • Interior walls, toilet seat, urinal, exterior of holding tank, paper dispenser, and floor are sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned, and dried.
  • Interior is sprayed with a special deodorizer.
  • Hand sanitizer or hand wash station is replenished and re stocked.
  • Toilet paper dispenser is restocked.
  • Urinal block and scented ring is replaced.
  • Technician inspects each unit for minor damage or needed repairs.

Our Standards of Excellence

Excellence in Our Actions

    We take seriously our responsibilities to customers, employees, and the environment at large. We conduct our businesses and ourselves in a legal and ethical manner; we do the right thing.

Excellence in Our Reputation

  • We maintain certified and qualified personnel, all of whom adhere to professional standards for technical operations and personal conduct.
  • We provide clean portable sanitation units and equipment, and we maintain our equipment to the highest standard. We listen to our customers, taking the time to understand their expectations, wants and needs. Then, we identify effective means of addressing them.

Excellence in Our Relationships

  • We follow good business practices with customers and suppliers.
  • We engage only in fair business practices

Excellence in Our Operations

  • We professionally and courteously transport our equipment.
  • We keep accurate records.
  • We monitor and audit activities as requested.
  • We continuously train and improve our personnel to perform at the highest standard with consistency throughout the organization.
  • We engage only in fair business practices